Mere yaar ki shaadi h.

Mere yaar ki shaadi h, he’s getting married. That’s such a happy feeling. I have just known him for hardly three months and yet the bond we share is no less than close friends. 

He shyly told me a few days back, ‘I am getting married this June!’ and I said, ‘omg, really? Why didn’t you tell me earlier?’ 

Realising later that I maybe expected way too much already because we hardly have known each other for few days.

But later, he cleared my doubts by saying that it had to be the right time to open this news to me. I happily agreed because more than the time he conveyed, it was the regard he had for me to have shared his special day. 

I just wish him all well and around the world happiness. He is a gem and he doesn’t know. He’s a rare kind and I ain’t making it up. And no way, I am flattering the icing. 

He’s been a great support, very much, that I can’t thank him enough. He’s cool, he’s awesome, less outspoken but super thinker. 

And it surely looks like I am more excited for his marriage than he himself. And we both still laugh at it. He’s going to get busy and I’ll miss him. 

♥🎈Sending you loads of wishes across. ♥🎈


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