When reflections speak louder than words

Even before I start writing about this post right away, like usually do, I’d this time want to give little presence of pretext.

I was very bluntly walking this morning and suddenly it struck me, so many changes in just three months, I couldn’t believe myself. 

I had made so many new friends and they mean world to me now. I keep telling them how awesome they are. Sadly, they don’t it know it themselves. They regard themselves as normal and simple, just yet another. And I am hell bent in making them special, feel special, because they are. 

Now, coming to the important part. Did we know that people who are special to us now, will be the ones who’ll become strangers next year? 

Likewise, if I compare myself with my friends back in college and the friends I have now, only 30-40% of them are still in the same band, the rest seem to be lost. It either the time or the inevitable situations. One can’t be really sure of why that happens. 

All of us become busy, that’s something we can’t help. But what about choices, to not talk, to not be in touch anymore. Not that you consciously take them, but you do realise that not making an effort to stay in touch is like it’s equivalent. 

Coming to reflections, if you are a silent observer, noticing everything that’s happening around you and not responding, that’s a choice. And being silent to what’s happening means that you are okay with it. Isn’t it? Or rather let’s just say, you have accepted it the way it is. 

People I am fond of now, will stay in my life? I have no clue at all. A day gone further, maybe I’ll forget the ones I met these few months ago. Not that I would want it to be that way but for the way it is and as the fate suggests, maybe I play along. SWOOSH. 

Isn’t it like the reflection on water, which looks all very perfect but when a stone in thrown at it, the whole thing goes blur. And it does take long time to reconcile and get back to the original state. And maybe, by the time, it gets back, the things, the way they were meant to be, totally change. 

Isn’t it? 😢


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