Sound of sound

Have you ever heard the sound of the sound? Nonetheless that’s tangentially bound. Hear it once, you’ll make out the beats. All you have to do is to grab your seats.

The voice could be vocal, you’ll then believe. Also, to note, you’ll then be sure about how to live. For if you ask of how that is, you need to know what is.

Seek and find, a recon that’ll becon, booming just the right strings on. Music then it shall be forth the presence, making the playful notes to have little more sense.

About the making process for you to relish, like a delicacy to taste. Don’t dare to wind up in a jiffy, you sure don’t wanna end up in haste.

Defects on the effects of hearing, not the hedge of rearing. It would rather be just like another window’s ring.

A common call that muses, nothing like the sound’s sound. That’s just something about the ground that’s round.

The sound of the sound is one such. You needn’t think much. For once you hear it, you’ll find the essential key, and the you in me.

Originally submitted for a co-blogger here: (along with 4 other senses) The 5 Senses – EveryDayLifeGirl | WordPress 


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