I shed the tearless tears

Going by the title, you might wonder, what does this even mean? What is this? Crazy!

Okay. Coming to the point, it is regarding the things that could tear you down, like literally, completely make you into pieces. 

Some of the downs are such that you don’t really feel or feel too densely that you don’t cry it out. Let me brilliantly put it this way, you are taken to an extent where you don’t even know how to react. And there is no natural reaction or a reflex from your side.

It is more like this weird state of mind, mind that’s gone numb and your senses​ are in a deactivated condition. 

Talking about shedding tearless tears, I wouldn’t say it is emotionless but it is the highest state of grief. Because you are so grieved that you no longer know if there is anything worse that could come.

I have seen people isolating themselves from everyone else, thinking that, that’s going to help them sort themselves. Maybe, it does. I am not sure. But, I ain’t sure if isolation is being a help either. 

Sometimes, we got no choice, we have to flow along. And most of the times, you’ll have a lesser say on things that happen to you. Shedding tearless tears could be called as dry tears. Figuring it to be tears drying off even before they come out of your eyes. 

It could be because it is already facing drought of emotions, now that it’s famine that is taking charge, the tearless tears, could get only worser.


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