Food for worry

This tweet is from a person I follow on Twitter. Little gyan that I get of her tweets is good enough to trigger a parallel route of thinking. 

Worry is such a simple five letter word which has tremendous power to destroy almost everything that’s valuable. It can destroy happiness, relationships and most importantly peace of mind.

When you very well know that worry is bound to harm to an extent that’s unacceptable, you still have to worry. Ain’t it? It is a natural tendency to.

Think about it creatively like the way Miss Chatterbox from twitter put it. So, you worry, you sow a seed. That’s an uncontrollable process, let’s just assume that. But, who gets to water it? It’s growth is like a weed, it just grows by deriving nutrition from everything else that could help it grow.

Now, that’s the whole point. Worry can’t be stopped being initiated. Forget about defeating it there. That’s way difficult than you think. 

The best way would be to simply not let it grow and be counter to it. You get to attack worry when you have plans to show how you’ll face a situation if there came any.

Worry can feed on anything that comes its way and grow to be a humongous undefeatable giant. But, would you want it to get that point where you find yourself to be helpless?

Definitely not, right? 

How about having a discussion as to why we worry and what makes us to and brainstorm on how to tackle it? ☺


2 thoughts on “Food for worry

  1. I think we worry because as much as we’d like to think we are in complete control of our lives, deep down, we know we’re not. There are things that have and will continue to happen in our lives that are far beyond our control. I don’t know what others rely on, but the way that I combat worry is by trusting and having faith in God. I rely on him fully to provide for and meet my needs. Therefore, when worry tries to creep in, I remind myself of my faith.

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