Happy mother’s day!

My special ♥ to all lovely mothers out there.

It isn’t just about once. It isn’t just about us as kids sharing the love we have for you that too just for a day that’s today and ignore you for the rest of the year.

Dear Moms,

We love you. We know that you care and we mean all the world to you. Don’t blame us for not having time for you, we are just trying to tackle this busy life of us. 

We adore you for all the things you do for us and we can never be thankful enough for that. Those timely reminders and careful decisions that you helped us with, we are grateful. 

You nurtured us, made sure that we got all that we wanted inspite of sometimes it being beyond your reach. We totally appreciate it. 

We live in this false world Maa, we roam with friends around the world and experience joy but could that beat the bliss we have laying our heads on your lap.

Like those Sundays, when you brush our hair gently with oil and give those amazing head massage and we wishing it to last forever. Yes Maa, we do remember those moments quite often. We do miss you. We do love you. Just that we aren’t able to express it or rather let’s just say we forget to express it. It dawns on us on a day which is more like devoted to you. Sorry for that, totally!

You’d know what’s happening in our lives even before we’d realise it ourselves. You stay connected to us mentally even if we are physically far far apart. How are you able to do it all well? Maybe, that’s the special speciality of mothers. Ain’t it?

We know you’d cry out of joy when you scroll down the posts that we make for you on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media and think that you’d enjoy it better if we showed it to you rather posting it online. Maybe, the generation we are in right now, it’s a fad to be outspoken about emotions online and we find it as an only way to express. We are sorry about that too. 

We know that you’d wish for us to turn more responsible in taking care for ourselves and maybe help you out in household chores sometimes. Sorry again, for being all lazy and not lending you a helping hand.

While looking back at the good old times we had back in our childhoods, we loved the way you narrated stories your best possible way and made it more animated. We enjoyed every bit when we made you run around us when all you were trying to do is to feed us food and we were so reluctant to have even a bite. We totally appreciate your patience.

Aren’t you the best? Has anyone told you that? I guess, no. And that’s why you now need to know that you are. Stop getting disappointed for things we don’t have control of. We totally love you, and you mean the world to us too, maybe just in a little different way. 

Take care.




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