My lady

With all combined forms of pun, let me have the pleasure to introduce these two to you. The hair lady and plate lady. But, you’ll be able to see only one right now.

Source: Getty Images | Owl Stories  (I applied necessary edits on it)

About a months ago, back in December, after having a crazy conversation with a friend of mine I know from Quora, these two ladies, the hair lady and the plate lady came into existence. 

It isn’t that they weren’t existing earlier, it is just that they are known to me that way today. 

The story of them of how they came into continuance is all lies with a downright silly conversation of how a same person can behave the split way based on the time and interactive notion. 

Plate lady is the power of substance and Hair lady is the power of rational. Plate lady is all about what she sees or what is shown to her. Hair lady is all about the whole ideology behind what’s visible and what’s unseen.

If I didn’t confuse you already you should know that they both are the same. It’s a split of a same person who tends to think differently in different scenarios.

It is sometimes a hard thing to figure out if you want to see the truth or believe a lie that could keep you happy.

Maybe, it wasn’t that simple. That’s why there is a need of a split as though you want to clone yourself and see what could happen if both the options were considered at once, differently.

Have you ever wondered​ if you could feel and not feel at the same time?

You could, with a conscious spilt, let both the sides of you out, one by one, and not both at once. Venting it out is what is important. Let your emotions flow and when you are back sane take a decision that suits.


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