Am back!

Guess what? I am off the break I took. There was one thing I couldn’t help but notice. I wasn’t really happy with the last week. It felt as though I was caged. Being sick was the only consolation I had that I hadn’t written much for the whole week now.

Writing is more like a recharge element that brings back my energy levels at the end of the day or just boosts up my day with a great start. 

I assumed the pen and paper would work awesome for me. It did but what I realised was I couldn’t always carry them along with me. And most of the articles that I write are usually during my travel time. Carrying the phone along and drafting just becomes easy that way.

Life has become darn busy. Take a step ahead and look back… you’d see that you just walked past days together and you wouldn’t understand how it just flew so fast. 

Only thing that we can do is to go along the flow. Accept things as is. And just keep going. 

Off topic: Break seasons help you understand what difference could a routine make to you. It either could be a positive impact that it has on you or unnaturally be a negative one too if it is something like a hobby or a healthy workout session.

See y’all with more posts lined up. Have a great day. 😎


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