You are more than a biscuit.

Okay, I agree that you are named after a biscuit. And who named you that? Someone who I know not of. You are just more than a biscuit, if you didn’t know that already. 

A thing of chocolate, like any small kid would love to have, bourbon and sugar coated, Oreo to dunk and seek to play hide with.

The biscuit, the crunchiness that it brings and your munchful mouth is taken to finest taste task.

Well, I never thought I’ll give importance to biscuits so much. Off late, it has become a habit that once in every two weeks, I get hide and seek for myself. I tried to switch the pattern with Bourbons. But, the pattern of getting myself biscuits/cookies still continue. I then realised that it should be the affinity that I have towards biscuits. The reason to which, I am certainly not aware of. 

You are more than a biscuit, that’s a very sure thing. There is also this love for chocolate I can’t forget. 

The other day, a friend came by after a long time. Since, we shared the biscuit love, I happen to get dark fantasy for her. This time, the choco fills.

So, which thing is that for you, that you feel it is way more than what it is?

Source: BBC Good Food


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