Time to reconsider

I’d like to talk about this.

Batman and Superman for a totally different reason.

They just fall prey to my context here.

Sticking to the theme of my article, ‘time to reconsider’.

I’d begin with by saying, ‘what often is considered the way it is, may not be the way how it is!’

Superman isn’t about a man in the flying suit saving and helping people, Batman isn’t about Gotham all over.

To them, it meant a lifelong commitment to what they do. The consideration is to for what they do and why they do keeping the complete regards to the sacrifices they make.

It isn’t the recognition they hunt for the things they do, if they were, they wouldn’t mask it.

I appreciate those hidden heroes out there, who silently watch everything, jump in when needed, safely resolve everything and whoosh!, They are gone.

I am not really sure if they get the love they deserve, not so at least in the right form. People love them for just a part of them, enemies hate them for whole of them and when it comes to self love, it is just gone.

Time is to reconsider them for what they are. There sure are hidden heroes of your life, make sure that you recognise them and acknowledge their existence.


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