Cold & the fever combination came right 

How would a person with cold and fever feel like and that too in a summer? I wonder and since I seem to have experience of it, I could talk about how it feels like. 

You want to have ice poured on you because you feel so like a burning coal  but you want to stay warm for the cold in you to die. 

I wonder what rhino viruses would feel like. I know they are no humans to feel the same like us, but how is it for them?

Maybe, the temperament is too apt for them to colonize and multiply. They would probably want to make the best of the situation and fully invade their host.

Let’s get the functionalities right. Apply the same in your life. Did you ever feel that too many things came to you at once? The opposites wanting you to choose one of them? The choices wanting you to get confused with what to pick?

Well, that’s a scenario everyone comes to deal with, at least once in their lifetime. First thing is to understand why they come the way they come. It is not to make things difficult for you, it is just to make you make tougher choices, to make you understand which gets your preference amongst the variety. 

That’s about it. So, what was your cold and fever combination like? 


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