How a NEST changed everything

A small misunderstanding, a big silenced explanation is what all it took to change precisely everything around. 

Let’s say, it’s the essence of the orchids, plain vanilla. Right? It is just like any other flavour often undermined when compared to other flavours that you are offered with. 

Just like a bird, picks up the choicest twigs to make the best, you’ll probably want to select the best things for yourself. Isn’t it?

Coming to the point, understand that, it is never available ready made to you. But, it is always is the base that you build upon. Chocolate syrup on Vanilla could give you the feel of chocolate. Cut pieces of mango on Vanilla could get you feel the flavour of mango. The take away being it’s with you to make the best of things that are available to you. 

It needn’t be necessary that you’ll always get want you want, but​ try to get the mix right, with whatever you have to its best utility. 

Hence, we need to build a nest for ourselves of the selective twigs around us. We need to home the available best. And that’s why a NEST can change almost everything and the way you see it.


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