And then it was the END

The more closer to what I thought was happiness brought me closer to its end. I always thought giving myself a second chance was the right thing to do. And each time I kept giving myself a second chance as if the previous was the first. 

There are few things to learn the hard way. And some things you deliberately learn the hard way because you took chances way beyond your scope.

I understood value of chances when I realised that there are things I need to put an end to. Not because I couldn’t take it but because I had enough of it already. I don’t want it to be some unwanted pouring.

I repeatedly consoled myself on how I’d be missing out on opportunities if I showed reluctance to giving myself another chance. 

Now, after the things I have experienced so far, I am just fed up with lost hopes in this regard that I doubt if I’ll ever give myself another chance. 

Off late, I just realised that why my chances were failing. It was because my sorting mechanism was weak. I’d let any random thing enter to prove itself. I wasn’t sure of what exactly I was looking for and anything that caught my eye seemed worthy.

Life taught me that it doesn’t work that way. You’ll fail each time if you aren’t clear enough with your basic sorting and minimums. 

And I’ll put an END. And there’ll be a ‘The End.’

And then I was reading her story

I received the book yesterday which I had order few days ago. It was a book I wanted to explore for a long time for I saw something calling me towards the book. It was the quotes from the author that made me actually buy the book. And I am here talking about ‘Savi Sharma’. She’s a delight to read. 

With ‘This is not your story’ I learnt to recognise my inner voice to be more surreal than it ever was. The writer in me brings me to write all of me out. 

I need to thank Savi again for injecting the idea of following dreams all over again. She’s a beautiful writer. Definitely, she’s on her roadway to be a fine writer someday. 

The story between ‘Everyone has a story’ to ‘This is not your story’ is a lesson of self-recognition. The aim of it is to explore your true calling, to find yourself a story and to be one.

Lots of love to her. Keep writing. Spread the joy. ♥

Marry Me?

(Image Source: Pinterest)

Marry me? Would you? For I conveyed something from a book that just had the tailor made lines I would have anyways wanted to convey?

Oh, yea! 

More than the proposal, I like the idea of it. For a book lover like me, something like this would be more like a dreamy happiness which I wouldn’t know what to be made of.

 I don’t know what the recipe of love is, strange for people, different for the same people in different situations. Weird, isn’t it? 

Some say it is blind, unconditional, beautiful, best feeling, chemical reaction and what not. 

Marriages are made in heaven but soul mates happen with acceptance, is a wordplay. 

Some people come into your life, play a role and just go like they have no reason to stay any further. 

It reminds me of SRK in Kal Ho Naa Ho, where he plays the role of an angel, spreads love, falls in love himself and then finally departs as his life was reasoned enough for the purpose he had to fulfill. 

Why just him, I am also reminded of Phunsukh Wangdo aka Rancho (from the first half) of 3 idiots where his purpose was education, he didn’t bother about on whose name he earned a degree for and lived on to teach the value of true education.

Next time, if I hear ‘marry me?’,  I am going to check for several things, such as compatibility, respect, honesty, value, mutual interests, principles, virtues, personality conjunction, and lots more on the list. And I might seem to be kidding. No, I am not. 

Marriage is something that’s life long. You should be able to add value to it each day, each moment, each living breath. Don’t you think?

That’s a dedication we’d expect but are we giving the same? 

Like people say, ‘I am first married to my job’. ‘Office is my first wife’.  ‘Engineering is my love’. ‘Photography is my muse.’ ‘Literature is my seductress.’  

Marriage​ is a connect, call it cosmic (a dear friend once stated to me),  or heavens made decision, it is no duty or responsibility, it is something that’s of your own and you must do all what it takes to make it the best, like you are the guardian. 🎅

A note to take from those who leave.

A note to take from those who leave. It pains me everytime when someone I have known leaves. I don’t mean them departing from this world here. I mean those who choose to move out of your life. 

I agree, time changes, priority changes, and all the shit you try to convince yourself and the other person. Sorry, I don’t agree. 

It pricks me way too much when people choose to leave you like they have never known you. I hate the fact that, at exactly that time, we mean nothing to them. Again, in my head, there, I’ll be replaying those days when it used to be difficult for them to do a day without you. 

I have read a lot about how people find their friends over interfering and intervening. I have lost some of my friends because of that. I cared way too much that they found it suffocating. It came to a stage where I was asked to get lost. It pained me. It always does. 

It disappoints me more when people leave you for someone better or new. And that is what is called moving on, eh? 

And those who leave also say that, ‘you weren’t worthy enough to stay with!’ and how more blunt could that get. 

The whole reason why someone always sticks along is because they truly care for you not for you to treat them like a pest. Just because you have your trust issues, you’ll doubt everyone else around. And there’ll come a day, when there’s no one who’ll actually care for you and then don’t crib that no one really cared about you. 

Let this be a lesson coming your way, respect those who care for you. Also, beware of those who fake care, a caution. It’s just a double thorned coin. 


Mere yaar ki shaadi h.

Mere yaar ki shaadi h, he’s getting married. That’s such a happy feeling. I have just known him for hardly three months and yet the bond we share is no less than close friends. 

He shyly told me a few days back, ‘I am getting married this June!’ and I said, ‘omg, really? Why didn’t you tell me earlier?’ 

Realising later that I maybe expected way too much already because we hardly have known each other for few days.

But later, he cleared my doubts by saying that it had to be the right time to open this news to me. I happily agreed because more than the time he conveyed, it was the regard he had for me to have shared his special day. 

I just wish him all well and around the world happiness. He is a gem and he doesn’t know. He’s a rare kind and I ain’t making it up. And no way, I am flattering the icing. 

He’s been a great support, very much, that I can’t thank him enough. He’s cool, he’s awesome, less outspoken but super thinker. 

And it surely looks like I am more excited for his marriage than he himself. And we both still laugh at it. He’s going to get busy and I’ll miss him. 

♥🎈Sending you loads of wishes across. ♥🎈

When reflections speak louder than words

Even before I start writing about this post right away, like usually do, I’d this time want to give little presence of pretext.

I was very bluntly walking this morning and suddenly it struck me, so many changes in just three months, I couldn’t believe myself. 

I had made so many new friends and they mean world to me now. I keep telling them how awesome they are. Sadly, they don’t it know it themselves. They regard themselves as normal and simple, just yet another. And I am hell bent in making them special, feel special, because they are. 

Now, coming to the important part. Did we know that people who are special to us now, will be the ones who’ll become strangers next year? 

Likewise, if I compare myself with my friends back in college and the friends I have now, only 30-40% of them are still in the same band, the rest seem to be lost. It either the time or the inevitable situations. One can’t be really sure of why that happens. 

All of us become busy, that’s something we can’t help. But what about choices, to not talk, to not be in touch anymore. Not that you consciously take them, but you do realise that not making an effort to stay in touch is like it’s equivalent. 

Coming to reflections, if you are a silent observer, noticing everything that’s happening around you and not responding, that’s a choice. And being silent to what’s happening means that you are okay with it. Isn’t it? Or rather let’s just say, you have accepted it the way it is. 

People I am fond of now, will stay in my life? I have no clue at all. A day gone further, maybe I’ll forget the ones I met these few months ago. Not that I would want it to be that way but for the way it is and as the fate suggests, maybe I play along. SWOOSH. 

Isn’t it like the reflection on water, which looks all very perfect but when a stone in thrown at it, the whole thing goes blur. And it does take long time to reconcile and get back to the original state. And maybe, by the time, it gets back, the things, the way they were meant to be, totally change. 

Isn’t it? 😢

Photo Blogging Time 

Best Mobile Photos I took

We all know, photos capture us, the moments, the memories for all of us. Send me across the photos, along with your names, I shall knead a story for it, if you please. 🎈 

That’s AS for you. 

Or you could send across your scribbles and I could illustrate for you. 

The major idea behind this is to bring memories and emotions to form words or come out as a written expression.

There are things that are less captured or go unseen if they just lie as photos. More expensiveness comes with writings attached to them. I am just trying to instigate that feeling in you and call for blog posts with a photo that means a lot to you.

Thank you. ♥

Sound of sound

Have you ever heard the sound of the sound? Nonetheless that’s tangentially bound. Hear it once, you’ll make out the beats. All you have to do is to grab your seats.

The voice could be vocal, you’ll then believe. Also, to note, you’ll then be sure about how to live. For if you ask of how that is, you need to know what is.

Seek and find, a recon that’ll becon, booming just the right strings on. Music then it shall be forth the presence, making the playful notes to have little more sense.

About the making process for you to relish, like a delicacy to taste. Don’t dare to wind up in a jiffy, you sure don’t wanna end up in haste.

Defects on the effects of hearing, not the hedge of rearing. It would rather be just like another window’s ring.

A common call that muses, nothing like the sound’s sound. That’s just something about the ground that’s round.

The sound of the sound is one such. You needn’t think much. For once you hear it, you’ll find the essential key, and the you in me.

Originally submitted for a co-blogger here: (along with 4 other senses) The 5 Senses – EveryDayLifeGirl | WordPress 

An ode to remember

Yesterday was a big day. A Sunday, I’d rather call a life changing one. I am now a Published Poet with Whistling Silence being launched at Title Waves, Bandra, Mumbai with 46 others from Poignant Painter (Quora Blog). 

My team, my family, that’s very dear to me. We are poets now and it feels great. 

My sincere thanks to Poignant Painter and Story Mirror for making this happen, our dreams have finally come true. 

The glimpse of this initiative: Our dream

It feels as though I am alive again. For my words of poetry has found a source to be radiated.

Thanks good lord. Thanks everyone. Special thanks to family and friends. 

Read about the launch here: Whistling Silence launch in Mumbai

Necessity: A will or a force?


I was having a conversation with a friend. In some context we happened​ to ponder about necessity

It shook me roughly that what if polite gestures are considered to be done with a motive. It made me think if all the polite ones are actually mistaken the same way. 

I won’t deny that there are many number of incidences which can make you believe that nobody cares and why would anyone be sweet for no reason. But, that’s not the point here. 

The point here is the necessity. Is it a necessity to be nice because you are expectant of something in return or is it just out of free happy will that you be nice, calling it out as a virtue that you possess.

Looking at the other way around, a necessity, like we know it better as, mother of innovation. Is it driving you? Are you waiting for your necessity to make you something? Time is to question, time is to find out.

Also, there are necessities that’ll be forced upon you, against your will, just like opinions are imposed. 

The whole scenario being, what are you going to do about it? Change the way you function to accomodate that too or go disruptive and forget things that you knew of earlier, to cope up with the imposition ? 

Necessity could mean just a requirement or a desperate need or just an enabler

On the other side of a story, you don’t need a reason or a necessity to do something. You do, because you want to. Isn’t it? 😉