Time is to make time to read.

I have given my dedicated months to writing. I’ll now take a break and give it to reading. And no, don’t you think I am going to stop writing. I will, but the words will go to my diary. I have decided to take off of blogging for a while.

I want to be more focused to my poetry and I probably will experiment pen and paper approach. I have this feeling that pen and paper convention will let my thoughts flow freely. 

Let’s get to the main part real quick, I am totally excited as I along with 46 amazing poets are getting published. The book’s name is ‘Whistling Silence’ and the launch is on 21st May at Title Waves, Bandra, Mumbai

It is a dream that we (Team Poignant) saw to get published someday and we have come to accomplish it. The launch is on 21st May, now you know the venue. If you are around that space at that time, come join us in our celebration. 

Updates from us can be followed here:

Poignant Painter on Instagram
Read all our story series at our facebook page and hear us out of what we feel about this book.

(Poignant Painter)

Follow up on the posts to know more. Contact us at: poignantpainters@gmail.com 

Meet the Team

Our oneness – Our Journey

The whole idea behind: Blog to book initiative

Thanks team and thank you Story Mirror. ๐Ÿ˜Ž


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