I could be an insane writer

I could be an insane writer. And no, am not doubting my sanity. I am actually  being skeptically ignorant of my insanity.

I am quite a regular blogger now. Not making a post a day feels like as if I have messed up my day. 

All thanks to that friend of mine who made me to make this as a habit to write everyday. I can relate to how a writer feels when a reader is eagerly waiting for the writer to write again. The communication between the reader and the writer might be one way. But, it is still a two way thing. The messages are effectively conveyed. 

Anyways, on the brighter side, I have gotten close to writing. I infact search reasons to write. Earlier, it used to be like, unless prompted by thoughts, I wouldn’t write a poem or a post. Now, I feel the need of every moment to be captured just like a photo stores the memories.

I can’t stop writing and I could be insane if I stopped.


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