Cold hugs never bothered me.

Cold hugs never bothered me. I always treated hugs as hugs. Nothing cold or warm about them.

But, there was a moment when I felt maybe I do get affected by cold shoulders. 

I am totally reminded of the song, “Let it go.” from Frozen. Cold hugs. Cold shoulders. Cold reasons. You’ll get a lot of coldness for you might catch cold sometime very soon.

Looking at it with a divergent perspective, not just limited to how cold the wars could get, I could say that, ‘we aren’t really that warm or open minded enough yet to deal with them’.

If you keep theorizing that the cold hugs don’t bother you or being in a long term assumption that they don’t, you are so so wrong. They bother you, effect you, cripple you. Actually, let’s say they freeze you. 

On a very specific interface, you know that there is an overlap, there is a superimposition, and yet you prefer having it a cold way. That’s because you want to stay alert waiting to attack and not actually attack. There this phase of active dormancy, where you get to wake up anytime you want. But, there must me somewhere to put it a pause, once for all. 

It isn’t the fight way or the ignore way, it is the jam way. It is about the intent to clear the coagulating junk of colds. 

Cold hugs don’t bother me, but the coldness of it does!


4 thoughts on “Cold hugs never bothered me.

  1. Sometimes, I feel that your theories are incomprehensible because they are so deep that you lose the sight of them! Again, I am befuddled by the path this article took! Amazing!

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