The land of Symmetry

I was walking back as usual, wondering why didn’t a friend didn’t reply to my messages yet. It’s been around a week and that has got me worried. It has never been so that I haven’t gotten a reply. And I knew there was something wrong but there was no way I could find out. 

Taking a break from the worry part, I shifted my attention to the lights on the street. I took my mobile out to capture it. And accidentally I shifted the mode of camera to mirror and from then on, the views were amazing. I walked towards my house looking into the camera and capturing those moments of amazing symmetry.

It gave me this feeling of life being a kaleidoscope. We being the beads that are mapped with a triangulated band. 

On a different verge of control, I happened to hop over a question on stack overflow, I see that a person is having enough expertise to answer questions I have, I ping her to get my questions answered suggesting her to share her repo involving the concepts implementation . She was quite skeptical if I was genuine enough to have conversations with which is fair. Infact, I’d appreciate her to be careful in avoiding such situations.

But, on a different front, doesn’t that deny a learning? I was wondering if I had been like her with others, I wouldn’t have made junior friends that I have today. I wouldn’t have had made senior mentors I have today. I am glad that some people respect learning more than identity. Age isn’t a factor to learn. Neither is identity. 

Land of Symmetry summarizes a clarity to me. You only see a half and you expect the other half to be something similar to what you see. And that’s a major flaw. It is unilateral emergence with bilaterally made clusters. And there by parts, in a triangulated journey you’ll reflect the three, the thing that you know, the thing that you feel and the thing that is real/true. Sure then, a root lies on with you. Be the right discriminant.


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