The home network.

Forget about your LAN or WLAN. I am not talking about that. I am here to talk about how people respond to us. 

Say, you are the hub, all the set of conversations that could happen are with you. You are more like the curator and the ports are the communication points. 

I am trying set this analogy up for me as a blogger. I see many people talking to me about different things and I am super excited that they are responding well. 

Kruti, there, you girl, I can’t thank you enough of remembering my choices of dogs well. And the others who said, “I have strong points to make and I make sure that I put them across.” many thanks to them. 

It’s always been inside me to think, think beyond. We are meant to think and intellect is gifted to us for a reason. And through blogging I am trying to just bring thoughts along, to initiate.

And there is this binding mechanism of thought processes. You trigger a thought process and the host keeps thinking about it until satisfied.

And I exactly want you to be doing that. Play both the part of a trigger and also be a host to take thinking beyond boundaries.

Ajas, a fellow blogger, says, ‘The more I write or read, the foolish I feel.’ That was a step pause point where you sit back and think, ‘why is more foolish?’ It isn’t about saturation of sight, it isn’t about scarcity of chances. It is about the anticipation of more that could be. 

If you ponder further, you’ll realise one thing, awareness could be a myth. Once you think you are aware of something, ask yourself ‘how aware are you?’

I want to build a strong network here. And your commnets are going to be the sole data packets that are going to make this network work.


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