Barren choice of a soundless call

From the possibility to feasibility, a journey that is orchestrated of what an Oracle would speak of. Opulence is something that’s beyond inferences. 

Once with the day, twice with the night is also on the smiling lines trying to gather the so called possibilities, like ancestry would, on the dominance by existence. 

A streak of reign that is to, binging the virtues and commendably formalizing the hedge of friction, I think the way things are handled there are nothing but just a process, an unending chain which isn’t chained. I might sound way waved off the stream but think about it.

Barren Choice of a soundless call. That’s interesting to hear something that’s soundless and you’ll be that choice that’s baked barren.

I’ll be with the day when it ends and also when it starts. Twice with the night I then so will be.


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