Note to the kid in me

Life is strange. We know it, don’t we? We assume that we are innocent. Don’t we? All of us, keeping asking life, ‘Why me?’

When all the quotes around suggest you to say, ‘Try me!” to life and have a pricky mock of yourself made. Because, you know you’ll never see anybody else reaching the brilliance of teaching like life does.

Come on, we aren’t innocent. Dr. Gregory House repeatedly says, ‘Everybody lies.” , all of us do. Only the person we lie to change. It could be lying to your own self. It could be lying for something petty. It could be lying for things you want to believe that they don’t bother you. 

How often have you asked people to be truthful around you? And when they did, you actually stuck around them? 

I have always asked people to be frank and straightforward with me. I know that truth hurts. But, say it! How often have you asked people to speak of truth and when they did exactly what you asked them to, you were totally disappointed and nearly abandoned them? 

Think about it. There are lot of past things you’ll now remember. It takes courage to speak of truth. Sometimes because they are hard and sometimes because it could easily hurt someone. And that’s the part we are most scared of, hurting someone. Isn’t it?

And there, you aren’t innocent. You know it all end to end. You know what would happen if a truth is shielded and the drop of lie is dropped. I don’t call ourselves to be innocent because there are split stories to this one many to many things. (R:->N) (Relationship{math-math} isn’t one to one. It’s many to many.)

You are either guilty of hurting yourself or guilty of hurting someone else. But, the whole point is, someone in the end always gets hurt. Hurt is massively hit policy. We are more like it’s shareholders.

I have always loved the people who spoke truth no matter what, not caring what the other person would feel. A simple reason to it is, those kinda people make me realise that, ‘No…life isn’t bed of roses. It’s thorny, buggy and marshy…and yet it’s a worthwhile journey to have.’ Being hurt is a mandatory thing and I’d say be hurt for the right things, true things not for the things that you assumed to be true.


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