Let’s be nothing.

Let’s be nothing, we’ll last forever. A post by @flirtory on Instagram which was shared by someone in a group asking what makes it romantic. 

I being a metaphorical pun person couldn’t stop from jumping in, to add some garnishes to it. 

Giving it an extra thought after almost a week later, “what’s actually being nothing*?” Can you be a nothing? A nothing that exists? 

Null is an existence, isn’t it? More like something unseen, void and vacuum. Was lasting forever more of a significance or being significant enough to be mortally immortal? 

Nothing lasts forever. That’s a fair point because change is the only constant. But, does that make me say, ‘let’s change.. we’ll be the constants’.

the derivative of ex is ex

 And there is this song Channa Mereya from Ae Dil hai Mushkil, which beautifully says quite a lot, 

mera ujjla sitara tera naam kiya, giving you away my brightest star. 

Subah koh tere aangan me bete shyaam kiya, I have made mornings evenings, sitting by your lawn.

These are those some nothings. No relation and yet the connect is so strong. And trying to praise will be a vain because you can’t. It is that beautiful. And you’ll realise that somethings are better left unsaid. If said, they’ll just lose their something. 

And let’s be nothing, and that way we’ll last forever. 😉🎈


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