That gaze was enough

I was about to leave for the day. It was exact time at which I look back for something I have always looked for. 

I looked at the same chair as I was leaving. Unnaturally, it was empty. Damn, that was disappointing. 

I took the picture of that empty chair…that empty space meant so much. The person I was looking for, was just right there, but I couldn’t see. Maybe, it was just the feel that was enough to see someone who isn’t there. And no, I am not hallucinating.

People have found me way more weird than I actually am. Maybe I am that crazy at times. 

With the photo clicked on my phone, I turned​ back again, there she was…sitting and gazing at me, the exact same way I’d look at her.

That felt like it. Another quick gaze at her, she wasn’t there. I indeed was day dreaming. I don’t know what’s in her that pulls me always towards her. What was that, that made me have a glimpse of her inspite of her actually not being around?

That gaze, I thought about it again. It was surely something special and unique. I slowly realised, she was a part of me, like some alter ego, wanting to do different things at the same time. She wanted to make clones of herself. 

And I’ll say that gaze was enough, enough to get into some serious imagination mode. 


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