Need a reason, to write?

I had a very interesting conversation with a fellow blogger. He asks me how do I manage to come up with something I can write about almost everyday and I said, it isn’t about finding a reason to write but it’s the feel to flow. And that should happen on it’s own.

I remember how just few months​ ago, I wasn’t that keen on blogging, there weren’t many posts from me. 

It used to be Quora I spent most of my time with. I slowly realised that my purpose of being there was different. I used to spent 85% of my time writing there and only 15% remained for reading. 

I fixed my head to renew the blog feeling again. I started writing here because writing is more like breathing to me and I thought I should be doing that in my own space and people who share similar feeling could join me. 

I really appreciate the writers around the world, not because they write, but for the reason that they tell the thoughts to flow, they let the thoughts do so by their will. That’s amazing! Isn’t it?

That’s why, I repeat, don’t find a reason to write. It can’t be forced. It should happen, quite naturally that you can’t help but just write.

Cheers to all the writers!💐


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