Cosmic Departure

Ever found something that’s alluringly stupendous? I feel the speck down my spine. That amazing feel when it is more like you surrounded by ice in scorching summer.  Now, the limitation being to make a choice, to see the ice melting around you and feel sad about it or to feel happy that oh my there’s ice even in this summer.

Something similar is this cosmic departure. When you are sad that something is leaving you, just be glad that at least you were lucky enough to experience it.

I know that not many will agree with me on this. I have seen people telling me that they’d prefer not meeting someone special in their life if they knew that they aren’t going to stay for long.

Agreed that it hurts, agreed that it is hard to forget. Well, on a lighter note, like that famous quote states: people could be both experiences​ and lessons.

Not many of us realise the importance of knowing what we ask for. Many of the times we don’t. After watching a video, a short film, ‘5 minutes with God‘, there was this moment of realisation that freedom of free will could be heavy on us. That’s mainly because you don’t know how to handle it. We mess up. But, that’s okay. 

We are here to learn, earth is to teach. There is cosmically annotative mechanism weaving around us and we are just the wool thread knitted together and be a founder good. 


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