Ask me, ‘How am I?’

Ask me how am I?, I’ll say nothing else but, ‘I am good. I am fine. All’s well.’

And then, upon asking you the same, you would say something that’s near similar. There, ends the so called ‘conversation‘. 

With passing time and pacing days, do you think that there would be time for someone to hear you out deeply and consistently? You might say what are friends for, but, they too are crippled by the timed constraints.

Few months ago, I could hardly imagine my world without them. Slowly, as I moved, as I had a new place to go to, I took them along in my heart. We don’t need to speak everyday. We don’t need to go around together. We don’t need to do anything and yet feel connected.

Being in different time frames, time zones, we might not have things to talk about or talk for. It is okay. No offense there, at all. 

How best to avoid this awkward feeling of ‘what to talk, there is nothing to…’ is to be stop thinking it to be so. Just go, talk! And trust me, talking just helps right.♥

I have seen people around, waiting to be heard, waiting to stop listening and start talking, waiting for someone to share what they feel like. All they are just afraid of is that there is no one who actually cares. Okay. That’s a fair fear to have. But, don’t you just be stopped by that fear. 

There is so much from the nature to hear, there is so much more that nature wants to hear from you. The best would be to just to hear that silence around that has enormousness to convey to you.

And about, ‘How am I?’, “I am just great”. Always happy to talk, always happy to listen. I am just waiting for time to say the same. 😉


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