The one with perception

I always thought I thought differently. I never knew that I could be made to have a perceived perception. 

On a very fair note, it is okay to form connections as it may seem easy to us. But, there is a major hunch there. One is about the belief, that is worth to have. The other is about the analogy that’s credible to form an infected possibility​.

It is okay to take the conventional routes, many times it is advised too, but that doesn’t mean the exceptions shouldn’t been considered at all. 

One should have fair expertise to distinguish between the normal, abnormal and the exceptional flow of a happening or a process.

For a layman, looking at the railway tracks​ from the farthest point, there would seem to be a possibility of intersection unless the person is well aware that two parallel lines never intersect.

It is either a possibility that we are hopefully looking for or it is just an illusion that as it may seem could be a reality someday. 

Cheers. This was a little gyaan from Agent Shade. Thank you!🌷


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