Isn’t it too tough?

You want that, they want something totally else. You try being a blend of both, they both hate you. That’s you hating yourself​ and they hating you for not doing it their way. 

When was it easy that I start to have life tantrum issues now? It was something basic to start with. Always been like the centre to the circle, reachable like a radius. Now that few things go tangent, it isn’t your chord to look after. Although, few tangents​ either their throw you out of direction or they may just pull you into the right one.

As far as you have a circular orbit to match with, you’ll know your constants. But, as and when you have different tangents driving you, you’ll start to change your orbits, specially into multiple ellipses which are differently scaled. Neither can their eccentricity be figured nor can their consistency be mapped.

Then comes all of a sudden realisation that radii of the circle that you were thinking that you were, were never equal. Beat that! I ain’t against the math here. All I am saying in, the circles take a different radii, like a different route. They might be of the same radius but aren’t the same. Two radii of two different circles can never be a radius of the same circle. 

Straightforward thing to digest. 


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