Inspired From Programmer Jokes – An IT love story

Image source: @programmerjokes-Telegram Channel

La la lan, an IT love story. Between a story that said, ‘I too had a story…To a blog post which reads I will have a story now!’ I saw a potential post that reasons out then based cable love story.

Have you ever gone deeper to know how the data flows inside those cables? Don’t you think we often fail to realise their electric speed is what is driving the entire data flow for us. If that isn’t a love story, then what is?

Ethernet cables, just not them. Think about the power lines! Just like the flow of electrons energise the power lines, some love stories are such. They are more like a polarizing element.

Some love stories don’t have a destiny. They were never meant to be the way you want it to be. When time is to let go, let go! It taught you something which it had to and you learnt. You are grown by it and with it.

Sometimes the cables need to be de-energised for the repair or the maintenance work to be done. Think about your story to be that way too. Some don’t happen, for a reason. Don’t ask what for..ask how am I supposed to recognise why? And your future is your answer. Some are brave enough to fight it to the future. Some are just laid back with unkempt memories from the past.

Be a cable that transmits. Don’t be just stuck like a block clueless not know where to go and what to look for. Go along the flow and keep moving ahead. With time and tide, like the rotating satellite around the earth. 

Cheers to the cables that spilt a thought. A lot like the feel of flowing electricity. The connecting points be just too infinite so that they never be stopped for they’ll be in search of a source for eternity.


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