From this untold story…

I watched this movie (M.S. Dhoni, the untold story) couple of months ago, with best of my buddies. They are my reason to be, to be with. 

I chose not to eat that day. I was that lost inside the movie. Thinking deep and dense inside. Although, I ain’t much of a cricket fan and I must say, the movie had an imprint made on me. 

There were several instances to learn from. From the second where you stand out in the crowd and yet you need to fight destiny to figure things out. Destiny will try to convolve you with all the divergence in the world. It is strictly only you, and things that mean to you. You be what you want to be.

From the times when you are scared of what could happen to taking things for granted like they’ll stay forever, many memories just rushed through me. 

People said maybe I was homesick. I could have been. I felt as if there was this home callimg, more of a dream calling. My dreams calling me to fulfill them and I am like, ‘Where am I? What am I doing with my life?’

I then remembered that dialogue from the very movie again, and reloaded myself with some basic resolution that whatever is happening right now are just bouncers. And I knew that I need to pass through to know where I need to be next. It felt as though the hidden secret was out. And it remained a secret somehow, like an open secret.

Struggles weren’t enough that trauma too pulls you down sometimes. It is completely fine. Ask yourself if you have appreciated anything that came easy to you. Likewise, life makes you strive to achieve things so that you feel responsible of them and they stay precious to you that way.

Do you have an untold story of your own? If yes, this is now time to let the world learn from you. Sculpt a story. Nurture a lesson.



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