Hey, birthday girl!

It’s my Quora bestie’s birthday today. I have known Aishwarya since my starting days of Quora. It was initially the tam-bhram connect that we had. Then, as time passed, we realised that we had so much more in common. And then, there is Gayathri, we three get along so well that we proudly call ourselves, the three musketeers. 

We went by shortening it and shortened it to ‘Mushkees’. Sounds a little girly, never mind, it is meant to.

I can’t thank Aishwarya enough for gifting me the book of happiness on my birthday. She knew my choices well. I know that I haven’t done my homework well for her birthday. I probably still have time and I’ll make up for it. 😛

For now, Dear Aishu, a very happy birthday to you. God bless. Wish you many more years of happy bondings and surprises.

Birthdays aren’t complete without those bashes. Since, I can’t there right away. I am sending you some shocks. 😂

Take care ♥


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