Remember yourself. Once more.

Of the times, when I have reheard myself of the spoken words, I realise the love that I have for me. It doesn’t make one selfish to take out some love and perseve it for your thyself.

Ask me, I , me and myself, I’ll have different ways of how I’ll call myself. 

I had a very installing conversation with a friend of mine. He aksed me, ‘Why is your blog named ‘Undestined Pieces’, don’t you want them to have a destiny?’ and I said, ‘You forgot about the tagline there, which says words have a destiny here.’

Digging in deep into it, one must realise that ideas are mere ideas unless brought into some action. Likewise, my thoughts and posts here are to provoke you to think and what you make of them is something of your choice. And that’s when these undestined pieces find a place where they form for what they are meant for. A destiny.


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