Barter System: Does it have a future? #1

I have been thinking about this for a very long time now. 

To reinitialize a conversation I had asked few of my friends to imagine a world of today reinforcing the barter system.

Just for the sake of getting the imagination wild, without time traveling, with the current availability resources and workforce, if barter system was to come back in action, what are going to be some really significant changes?

I am going to give you some blank spaces to fill. Tell me what you think about it!☺

The concept of money – (A question mark (?) )

The scope of corruption – ( . ) Would there be a place of it?

The importance of commerce – 

The sales worth –

The demographics –

The re-de-evolution of the money market –

Stakes –

Wall Street –

Point of equation –

Inequality problem –

Banking and finance systems – 

 Political Scenario –

Value services –

Waste management system –

Reuse / Recycle mechanism –


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