Cute little girl & her big brother…

“Anna, Anna Stop! There is something behind you.”

“Shut up and come. You have become so talkative these days. You think I’ll believe whatever you say?”

“Illa Anna, ee sathi nijjvaaglu..eno oundhu idhe…” (No brother, this time, it’s true, there is something!)

“I am not listening to you. Come let’s hush. We need to get back home soon!”

“Illa Anna. Wait. Don’t move. There is something!*

“What joke is this…You already have pestered me so much, shut and keep walking.. It’s getting dark and mom is going to scold me for bringing you along!”

“Anna! See. This is what was behind you. 🐜! Let’s take him home. Mr. Ant is my new friend.”

“Put the ant down. And ants are not to be made pets.”

“why Anna? People say that we should be determined like them. But, why do you say that we can’t pet them?”

“We’ll discuss it tomorrow, for now, eat your Dairy Milk Wowie and keep walking.”




And hearing those two kids talk like that instigated my mind with new gulps. 

Point of realisation. Ants. Symbolic of Always Nod To Serve. Can they be good pets? The red ones too? They bite. Why would anyone pet them? Some could. Who knows?

Google is always there to reach out to and I happen to stumble upon this: Ants as Pets and had quite an interesting read there about the species of ants, their colonies, their food habits and many more. 

From a little story there to something I didn’t know about. A day can indeed teach you a lot of things.

Thanks to those two little ones. 🌷


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