Post platonic renewals

Platonic. Even before I dwell into forming an opinion, I’d want to have Plato sitting along with me to brainstorm on this. 

Definition of platonic is surely into consideration but how far we go by defining it, melting it, moulding it and bending it is what that actually needs to be decided for what we regard it to be.

When someone asks you if you can live without someone or something, you then realise that there is something or someone who can make you vulnerable. 

In a way, certain things, are a part of you, more like an integral one.You may not realise what they mean to you unless they are gone. Maybe, we are just way too hopeful that they’ll stay forever and never leave and maybe we do take them for granted as usual.

Some things can make us to be the star dust. Let me explain how. 

There are some very different from the usual things that happen to us. They make us feel like we are the happening part of the whole universe. If not that, it sure does have the capacity to take us to the cloud nine. Well, in the process, we feel like the star, they be with us like the sky and then, you’ll understand that you have no more nights to glow and that marks the end of your star cylce.

And from the the glow inside.


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