Little things.

I would take this opportunity to  dedicate few lines for my favorites in my own little fancy way.

Karthika Krishnakumar

A dice of common, face of summon.

Richness you are in the way that you write, magic it is for what you sight.

Look for what it seems, a joyful start of the new year with new peace of you.

Aishwarya Ashok

Frill of a feather, Quill of a weather.

Changing tides and rides, aren’t you the one with who we can go on a voyage with?

Stay assured that you are.

Udayanath Sahoo

Case of fun & pun often sounds like a mighty little bun.

Where couldn’t you be found for you always get your presence sound.

Bound to earth and dreams high, sets the wind to the light sky.

Jim Ashby

What one says, what one does, expertise and time it is that says it all.

It is such a pleasure to be associated with wonderful person like you.

Smile that’s a style; that should quite happen in a while, coz for we could do an extra mile till we set our piles; painted worthwhile.

Anupriya Saraswat

A bundle of joy, subtleness of an alloy.

You be the cheers that’s dear.

Brought the colour. Oh yes, you did! To this land of summer.

Water that you did sprinkle; with the charm that you twinkle.

Here is me wishing you all an amazing start to the new year and may it be filled with more happiness and surprises.

We are united by Poignant Painters! ♥


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