Drunk Aliens

When I asked my friends what else I could write about on my blog, one of them said, ‘Drunk Aliens’. It seemed like a very interesting concept to you.

I was in a fix. Would alcohol have same effect on aliens as it as on humans? How different are they from us? 

I definitely couldn’t think of PK or Jaadu getting drunk and be their insane self. Maybe, that is what it is about. To be able to imagine the unimaginable.

I went to Google chacha to find if there were any movies regarding the same. And yes, there was. But, I hadn’t​ watched it.

Here is a meme that did totally catch my attention. When aliens have something like this to say, you know, humans…Can be interpreted in a totally different way.

Source: DevianArt

Although, I did get a reference from Hellboy II. There was a very specific instance that still makes me sure of saying that aliens would behave the same way as us. It showed that how truest.of.the.true emotions come out and sometimes that is your only vulnerability.

Image: Hellboy and Abe share a drink and have an interesting conversation.


If imaginations could be taken elsewhere, there sure are things that could be thought of with drunk aliens. Maybe, a new evolution. Maybe, a new accelerated growth of replication. Maybe, a new way to pose a threat to them. Eh. Could be lot of things. So, what do you think?


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