Naanaku Prematho

‘To father..with love’

My last Sunday surely found its worth in this movie. I could have easily whiled away my time cribbing about how my weekend came to an end and there was monday coming back to the front seat. 

So, instead, I got to be inside the movie for a good while. Anyone who knows me well knows that, any movie that I watch, I be in it for a good amount of time even after it has ended. 

I learnt that how deep routed the butterfly effect could be. Something happening now could cause something that’s completely unrelated. Looking back it, one will realise how the counter effect mechanism works.

What astoundingly mesmerizing is that when you plan things, it might happen as you want, but, they don’t make an impact. But, when destiny has decided to show its colours, nothing can change it. It happens just according to the plan it had.

For the best of the things, the things that are happening now or that have happened, are in way very much intervened with some causal reason which we needn’t be aware of now but will be when time reveals the mystery behind.

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