Green Chin, brown bird

I woke up to the Sunrise this morning. And yes, woke up half an hour late to my usual. I didn’t mind. I assumed that I had slept well, but, my face had a different story to tell.

I went outside to check if the newspaper had arrived. With my drowsy eyes I look at the sky. I wish I had opened my eyes a little more that I could have seen its beauty. Being half sleepy and yawing in the morning is what I definitely wouldn’t like in the mornings. 

Thankfully, there was something that brought me to the fully awakened self, the green chin brown bird.

I stared at it for five long minutes. Don’t you dare think that I was keeping a count of the minutes I spent watching it.

I then rushed inside to get my camera, my phone is to me as a camera than a phone itself.

Still amazed by the bird’s beauty, I was just simply staring, happily sitting and brushing it’s wings on the power line like it got it’s perfect cylindrical twig to sit on. 

I have people saying to me that she captures, every damn thing. I would still take it as a compliment even though it was meant otherwise. 

A lot of times, I have forgotten what I have seen just because I believed living in the moment was important. I used to appreciate nature’s beauty just by looking at it. But, now, to continuously remind myself of how amazingly gorgeous the nature is, I felt the need to capture it. 

I have often felt that living the moment makes me live it only once. But, by capturing a frame of it, I live the same everytime I gaze at it. The same old memory, just stays.


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