Why is there so much traffic today?

How often have you asked this question to yourself given that you are in the busiest city of the world?

Everyday. Right? 

Perhaps, you have already formed a conclusion that it is going to be busy everyday now.

Or maybe you haven’t inspite of it repeating its pattern. 

This is a two way thing now, that it can’t be and you believing it could be. The other part being, you know it can’t be and hence don’t see a possibility.

Both the mindsets seem pretty fair to me. But, know well about which is good to have and where and in what kinda situation. 

One needn’t be a good decision maker there. Every one has their own way of looking at things and it is okay. It is okay if views don’t match. And it is still super fine if you do what you feel is right. 

Like Google Maps, no one is going to provide you with some best path or an optimal solution.

You then need to realise, reanalyzing your traffic is the best thing to do. See a pattern? Don’t just blindly go by it, form exceptions too.


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