The whole world behind imagination

I ask, timely suspense, aren’t you? πŸ‘

I so stream my eyes towards the sun. πŸŒ„ 

Bright shining rays that do, they blur my eyes though,

But chances not to do so, were just so none.


I bring the pulse with the tense that’s past,

Not to, so from much like the last.

Burn did the flesh like those of the ashes, 

Arcs sprung like those in the meshes.


May the scene go unseen, 

Like the thin air so lean,

For it’ll be just another reminder, 

Of how it wasn’t to, from the director. πŸŽ₯🎬


World is much of a periscope, 

Both from the ends of slope.

See from one, you’ll know the up, 

And from the down, you’ll ask wassup? 


Don’t mind the being,

It is like seeing.

Somewhere around the coroner’s face,

We all run in this endless race. 


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