They should have met today

If things happened as planned, they would have met a friend of mine today. They decided about this around two weeks ago.

Everything seemed to work as planned until three days ago. Everything appeared to be going just on track. But, then, who knew about the cracks on the  tracks.

Enthalpy of changing state of season did definitely effect the way tracks worked. They didn’t meet, rather they decided to not meet.

Things weren’t going all well with them. Somewhere between them, the cold wars crept in. None of them wanted to say a word, they chose to remain silent.

I didn’t understand as to why they wanted silence to answer their unasked questions. They didn’t realize that unless asked there aren’t going to be any answers.

Fools, they are. And, I am too. I was trying to make them meet but all that in vain. Unless they chose something for themselves, nothing can be changed.

With a sigh, I’ll just wish them all good, wherever they are.


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