My dream dog

I always wanted to own a dog. I know how much they can mean to me. 

I remember well how close I had got with my friend’s dog. I had visited her place for the first time and thanks to all the festive spirit and festival functions that kept the dog in the busiest corner of epic boredom. 

And then they were we, me and my other friends, who were all cheerful and happy playing, cuddling with the dog. 

Getting swept with the chatty discussions, my girls slowly got busy with the other chores. I could have gone and helped them. But, I didn’t. I wanted to be with the dog. 

More to the fun I had playing with his fur, it was his cute reactions that made me continue cuddling. 

And then, it was time for us to leave. As much as I didn’t want to leave, the dog too didn’t want me to. But, I had to. 

My friend had a tough time realising his claws off my legs. I was happy sensing his claws, although, it hurt. It showed me as to how just by spending few quality minutes with him (Let’s call him tommy) could create a whole new joyous bond between us.

I totally love dogs. Unfortunately, I can’t pet them. I would love to, but, I can’t. My mom is never going to let that happen. There is a reason for it, one being, having no time to own a dog. We have busy lives and work just makes it more tougher. The other being afraid of losing a precious member of the family someday if there was something unnatural that is to happen. 

That’s a valid fear to have. After all the love in the word, after the mothers, it is the dogs that gives us everything that they have. 

Much love to them.

And golden retrievers are my favourites. 🤓


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