I am thankful tag

First things first, I would like to thank Payal Tyagi for nominating me for this tag. Thank you for your continuous support and all the love and you sure should have a look at her amazing blog.

Some rules that are to be followed by the nominees and those are:
You need to:
1. Name any three things you are thankful for
2. Nominate the bloggers you are fond of and the ones you would like to continue this chain.
3. Make a reflecting logo/image for the tag that’s been awarded to you. 

So, here is from me, the things I need flow with for the tag that I am nominated for.

Three things I am thankful for:

1.  The love that my mom showers on me. She is a gem of the finest. She was away for quite a while and only I know how much I missed her. I was pretty messed up in her absence. She was my home. I felt shelter less. When I am with her,  I usually don’t express the love I have for her. I am not that outward in expressing my love for her. But for my friends it always comes easy. I just don’t know why.

2. All the countless blessings and faith. I love it when people regard me in one of their most trusted persons league. I will fight myself out to guard it with all I can.

3. All the support and encouragement from the people I love and people who love me. Everyday, there is new person telling me they are influenced with what I write. It needn’t always be my blog, it could be my random answers on Quora too and some sudden strikingly situational quotes in my facebook page (Adhe Adhoore Khayal). I totally appreciate all the acknowledgments that I get for the things that I write. Nothing else gives me this epic joyous feeling.

The bloggers I nominate for this tag:


Vikash Shivram




Anjiee Aggarwal

Avichal Singh




Anshika Sharma

Blong Shong

The Chatty Introvert

I wish I could add a few more bloggers here, but nonetheless, you are free to continue the chain and carry on with the being thankful tag.

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