Ah..let be.

In the recent past, there has been a lot of fluctuations in the way I am perceiving things. For a change, it is isn’t me who is responsible for this. This time it is the people and the atmosphere around me.

Things being not as they seem to. Me being not the same person I used to be. I fear that I am turning into an introvert. I see no valid reason to interact anymore. I would love to stay aloof, away, far away, somwhere. 

I love the change that has come into me. My writing rate has phenomenally increased. I have started blogging almost everyday. But, what I fear of is not talking anymore. 

I am more of a speaker when it comes to initiating small talks. After this change that has come in me, I no longer seem to do that. 

I have started to keep things to myself and it seems right. I never used to believe when people said solitude is bliss. 

Perhaps, I have started experiencing this bliss. But, no, I still do love the people around me. I would still want to talk to them or rather let’s say would love to hear them.

For this weekend, the one that’s giving me a company is this book. Khair…Chhodo by Vishwa Deepak. It was a gift from a very fine friend of mine. 


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