She left today

Paheli is her name. Just like what her name means, she is a puzzle too. 

I haven’t interacted much with her. But, it was her voice that I listen to, everyday. Those conversations which I overheard uncontrollably talked a lot about her. She seemed fun loving and on the go woman.

She got married just a few weeks ago. I am very happy for her and I wish her all well. 

Today was the last I could meet her. She was relocating and a new place to start an exciting life. 

Before her leaving, I wanted to sing for her. After all she meant so much. I went to her and said, ‘I’ll sing a two line for you before bid farewell.’

And I sang, ‘Tera mujhse h pehle ka naata koi, yoon hi nahi dil lubhata koi…Jaane tu..ya Jaane Na.’

I could see her smile. She was beaming with joy, her teeth were a proof of that. She reminded me of how she still remembers the lines I first spoke to her.

Man, that felt special. That felt like she actually cared for what I spoke to her. She did observe all the tiny details that we shared. 

Kudos to such awesomeness and longing for many such happy relationships.

#JustSomethings 💜


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