Voice of music

Oh, one doesn’t know this, the beauty of music, that’s with its voice. 

I have often wondered if it was my love for the music or the musician. It is either I could relate to the music so well that I could understand the whole of what musician is about or that I knew the musician so well that I know the music that comes out as a voice.

Music is the soul of the lyrics. It doesn’t matter with you consider it otherwise. Music cam still be without lyrics. It could convey many things without any word said. That’s the voice of music.

We may not hear it every time because it requires that calling from the voice to reach us and communicate. It is more of a natural process. It has to happen on its own and we can’t really force it. Maybe, it could be induced but again, there needs to be a call and you need to be ready to attend to it.

Some times it is the emotions that help us bind, some times it is soothing melody that does and more often than not it is the state of mind that we are in.

Love of the music or the source of music is a choice. So is the relation that you’ll build. A musician is just a path but the right music is the sole destination.


10 thoughts on “Voice of music

  1. The clarity is seeked when you listen to songs which are out of languages you can decipher, by that you will truly enjoy music and then come to know if it’s the musician, singer, song or the music itself that’s pulling you !


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