And then…Sunday got over.

Usually my weekends pass by finishing off the household chores, little bits of which I can. Also, catching up with the sleep, which is a routine part of my weekend afternoons.  

This weekend was a little different, happen to woke up early. The morning kick-started with the making of cards and creative section inside me jumped outed.

And I drew things which I felt like, just some random lines and strokes. Curled up the remaining stirps of card to make unbounded cylinders. 

Another thing I could fancy about today is talking to a friend for more than an hour. I realised that it is never too late to catch up and never too late to ask, ‘How is everything going on?’.

My Sunday was made more awesome with me watching a telugu movie named ‘Shatamanam Bhavati‘ with mom. 

The movie was just too good. Family values were just too perfectly portrayed. It made my belief of having quality time with family just more stronger.
Live long for 100 years, with family and happily. Cheers to family time and many more such weekends to come. ♥


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