Abstracted things.

I wasn’t really thinking when I drew them. They did explain me about themselves a lot more than they could naturally.

The first one, the face like something, with basic math operations, question marks, broken questions, triangles, some coloured, some just shaded.The face that’s formed with the dashed lines. 

The simple intention was to invoke the necessary element in our lives, a thought. A recursive ‘+’ is ‘×’ and a recursive ‘-‘ is ‘÷’.

We are supposed to consider our internal positives and negatives. Then, recursively accumulate the positives to feed the brain with it’s cumulative output.  Similarly, we need to recursively eliminate the negatives from our system. 

Just like the deck of cards, hearts, diamonds, spades and clubs, the noses we poke in or the ones we are poked by, is irrelevant. The focus should be undisturbed. 

The second one describes, the mix, the need to have co-existence. The relationship should never be parasitic. It should rather by symbiotic and it is on your hands as to how to do that. 

Third one tells me about the trianlged misery that we sometimes fall in. And we consistently are facing such situations and that’s often lot more than we should. Such spheres in life roll over a lot and we must rule it with the power of the squared edge. The more we minimise the space or the region a sphere can impact, the lesser is going to be its returning tenure. 


6 thoughts on “Abstracted things.

  1. Our thoughts shape our life.
    The pictures can depict our thoughts.
    By closely observing the traits in the paintings and sketches one can determine the stand of mind.

    Good conceptualisation of your sketches.

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