Pepsi thi…Pi gaya.

We have seen those Pepsi ads. 

They are always set up on a particular scene where everyone is super serious in a situation and there walks in some random guy and drinks Pepsi.

He says, ‘Pepsi thi…Pi gaya‘. 

I really like the concept there. I don’t really prefer carbonated drinks. I am not endorsing anything brand here. 

All I am here to do is, think a little behind the lines. ‘It was this…I did it!’

It had so much of power in it. 

It made me think as to why don’t we do things that mean so much to us. Why is that we get held up with the constraints that pull us the reverse way. 

Why don’t we do things just because we want to. Why not for once we forget the world around us and listen to our heart. 

Think about it and there is whole new world to discover!


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