I used to yawn at my short-comings

I had my own flaws to deal with. Maybe, I still have them. If even after knowing that, I do nothing about it, it means I am yawning at them. 

It isn’t something that I am bored of or can’t do anything about and neither it is about being ignorant nor being oblivious. It is about me being not affected by my flaws. I am just letting them be for some random reason. 

Don’t put everything on your inability or laziness or your constraints. Blame the efforts that you don’t want to put to make yourself better.

Don’t let your flaws laugh at you about you being inefficient. Don’t let them think that you are weak and dormant forever. Don’t lose yourself to your flawed self.

Of course, on the side of the other story, not everyone is flawless. But, try making a difference with the flaws that are correctable. 



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